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Guide Horse Foundation

A non-profit charity dedicated to providing free guides for visually impaired individuals.


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Patricia Cornwell with Trip, one of the horses she donated to the guide Horse Foundation

Patricia Cornwell with Trip

Don and Janet Burleson - Copyright 2000 by Lisa Carpenter

Copyright © 2000 by Lisa Carpenter

Dan with Cuddles - Copyright (c) 2001 by Cathleen MacDonald
Copyright © 2001 by Cathleen MacDonald

Cuddles in Harness - Copyright (c) 2001 by Cathleen MacDonald

Copyright © 2001 by Cathleen MacDonald

Don and Janet with Trip and Ras

Copyright © 2000 by Lisa Carpenter

Cuddles on the first flight of a horse on a commercial flight

Copyright © 2001 by Erik Lesser
The worlds first horse to fly in the passenger cabin

Cuddles guiding Dan Shaw

Copyright © 2001 by Erik Lesser

Cuddles at Lunch

Copyright © 2001 by Erik Lesser

Guide Animals Going to Prison

For the latest in miniature horse headlines visit:

In this web site we see a promising program where puppies are undergoing basic manners and socialization in prison by convicted felons:
While convicted felons may not be known for their social skills, they are serving the blind population by teaching basic manners and socialization skills to puppies.
This program promises to get more Guide animals for the blind, but at a significant cost:
"But raising a puppy in prison isn't cheap.  It costs the privately funded program about $12,000 to raise each pooch. That pays for vet bills, food, supplies and inmate training."
One of the benefits of Guide Horses is that they do not have to undergo this time-consuming socialization process, thereby presenting an economic benefit to training costs.  In my experience, basic manners can be taught at any horse, regardless of age, in just a few weeks and guide training can begin.
Cuddles, the first Guide Horse placed was less then 2 years old when she began training and Traveller, my latest Guide Horse in-training was a 13 stallion when he was rescued from an abusive miniature horse breeder. 
By the way, Traveller was one of four rescued horses and despite immediate hospitalization, one of the rescued ponies died from the miniature horse breeders neglect.  Despite his limited means, Dan Shaw adopted Comanche, one of the starving ponies, and I'm helping the other two survivors adjust to a healthy environment.  Traveller is thrilled to be in a happy environment and he has fully recovered from his physical problems.
At an age when most Guide Dogs are deceased, 14-year-old Traveller is doing a wonderful job in his preliminary training and promises to make a wonderful Guide Horse for a blind horse lover.


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Helping Hooves

The Guide Horse Foundation Training Program to Train  Miniature Horses  as Guide Animals for the Blind

Janet Burleson
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Read the compelling story of the first miniature horse trained to work as a guide horse. Learn the exciting methods used to prepare the tiny horses to perform these amazing services.


A portion of the proceeds from sales will benefit the Guide Horse Foundation.





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